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5 Best Amazon Product Sales Analytics Tools

There are a lot of Amazon product sales analytics tools on the market, how can you know which one is best for your Amazon business? Find out here.
Laura North
Last updated:
October 13, 2022

Amazon FBA is a dog-eat-dog world. As a marketplace that’s constantly growing and therefore becoming increasingly competitive, you need to make sure you know a) how your business is performing so that, b) you can optimize it.

The best place to start is with the bread and butter of your business: your products. If you don’t understand what’s selling, to who, and why, how can you be sure you’re making the right decisions now and for the long term?

Sellers need Amazon product sales analytics tools that give you the right data points to provide real-time, actionable insights on your Amazon ASINs. And by understanding what’s going on with your products, you get insight into your customers. Without that, you might be missing out on substantial business opportunities.

In fact, a survey on data analytics found that 53% of high-performing, fast-growing companies said that analyzing sales data was extremely effective in growing their company.¹

Comprehensive Amazon Seller tools and Amazon analytics software are crucial as your business grows. But first, you need to understand your products. Here we break down some of the best Amazon analytics tools for product sales.

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Nozzle is an analytics tool that gives Amazon Merchants insights into their business by pulling together all the data they need to make informed business decisions.

If you sell on Amazon, you know it isn’t easy to find all the data you need. Amazon hides datasets on your product listings across multiple user interfaces. Nozzle finds this data, brings it together, makes it comprehensible and provides you with product sales analysis and insights. Not only does this help with the basics of inventory management, it helps you take decision-making to the next level. 

Key features

Purchase Analysis

Purchase Analysis provides Sellers with real-time insights into the trends behind what, and why, your customers are buying.

Letting you look under the hood of your FBA, purchase analysis helps you:

  • identify which products are frequently purchased together
  • understand which products are performing the best, so you know which will benefit the most from combination deals
  • translate the insights from Nozzle's Purchase Analytics dashboard to elevate your cross-selling game.

Purchase Intervals 

Purchase interval analysis provides insights into when customers are purchasing your products. Understanding their purchase behavior gives you the keys to exactly when to target customers with optimized ads. With purchase intervals you can:

  • gain insights into which products customers are purchasing after they’ve made their purchase — and when it happens
  • advertise the products customers are most likely to buy next, providing them with what they want, before they even know they want it.

Nozzle sales analytics tools also let you create custom ASIN categories, so you can create groups that make the most sense for your business — gaining purchase analysis and interval insights tailored to where you want to go.

These features not only give you a birds-eye-view of your Amazon business as a whole, enabling you to understand the customer retention rate (CRR) for all your products — it also lets you understand your CRR for each ASIN. Helping you to understand which products have the best potential for customer retention, helping you make the most informed decisions to grow your business.


An innovative tool for Sellers to keep track of their Amazon sales, DataHawk’s tracking capabilities help you to keep your business financially healthy. Focusing on optimization, DataHawk aims to be a one-stop shop for all your SEO, ASIN data, and market research needs.

Key features

  • DataHawk’s ASIN tracker gives you the ability to monitor metric changes on a daily basis with its reverse lookup tool, including price, reviews, ratings, and sales rank.
  • Their Sales Rank Tracker works with the ASIN tracker to give more in-depth visibility at daily changes in sales across all your product categories. This lets you analyze competitive dynamics between your products, giving you real-time sales performance. 
  • Reports on tracked products that lets you identify where you should be making changes to your business strategy to ensure an optimized PPC campaign.
  • Receive email alerts notifying you of changes in any product or category you choose to track, achieved through custom triggers and notifications for customisable ASIN data points. This includes PDPs, reviews, ratings, price, inventory, or a host of others so that you know when to edit your listings.

Packed with easy-to-use features, this sales analytics tool offers many benefits and helpful additions for Amazon Sellers. A great showcase of why product sales analysis is crucial to taking your business to the next level. 


An Amazon PPC analytics tool that aims to give everyone expert insight into their FBA, Sponsoreds provides macro software that can operate on a micro-scale, offering product-by-product analysis across every part of your business.

Key features

  • Analyze your PPC data through an overview of your business metrics so that you’re always up to date on overall performance.
  • Analysis of advertising on a per product basis that you can manipulate to create customized reports — giving you suggestions for instant improvements via dashboard adjustments on products that you choose.
  • Separate your ad-driven sales from the organic revenue so you can differentiate your streams of income, helping you compare data across products and points in time to provide invaluable metrics. 

Sponsoreds gives you the tools to analyze and optimize your business across all the Amazon PPC campaigns you have. With full customizability and keyword specification, this gives you a true overview of your products and PPC performance, helping you put in place instant changes to maximize your Amazon profit.

You aren’t, however, to link data to unique customers meaning that your ability to understand which ads are working for specific customer cohorts is limited.


Amazon Brand Analytics 

Amazon’s answer to sales analytics, Brand Analytics helps businesses understand their products’ performance and, in turn, develop their marketing and advertising strategies. Although only available to Sellers who own a brand, this analysis tool helps brands make informed, strategic decisions to build an effective product portfolio.

Key features

  • Search terms report: This feature gives you access to how customers are searching for products across Amazon, providing you insight into your:
  • Most popular searched keywords during a specific time period.
  • Keywording ranking by search frequency.
  • top three products that are clicked after searching for a term, as well as their conversion rate and click-share.
  • Market basket analysis: This identifies which products customers buy alongside your product, giving you data on where you can expand or offer combination deals.
  • Demographics and target audience scoping: A detailed, combined analysis of customer and sales statistics that gives you actionable metrics on how to align your FBA with your target audience.

Brand Analytics gives brands information on what’s happening, but less insight on why or when customers are purchasing products. With all the data Amazon has to hand, Brand Analytics doesn’t offer the full suite of analysis and insights — and not to Sellers without an established brand.


Sellics brings high-performance AI-based optimization software to Amazon Sellers, providing businesses with the ability to streamline advertising campaigns and choose which customers to target with which customers, through a whole host of competitive insights.

Key features

  • Sellics’ Product Analyser tools lets you see where you rank in sales compared to other, similar merchants that you’re competing against.
  • The ranking optimizer helps with product-specific growth to get your products pushed up Amazon’s search results.
  • The profit dashboard feature lets you track your true profit in real-time — with reports on ad spend, ad sales and the number of order figures on products.
  • A grading system to show how well your products are doing at a glance — and what to do about low-performing ones.

Placing you in the driving seat, this tool gives you plenty of easy-to-use data visualizations so that you can make decisions and capitalize on an ever-changing market, turning data confusion into a marketing advantage. 

Know your products so you know your customers

Amazon provides you some data on your product sales. If you have the time, and the willingness, you can manually extract this data — but even then it’s limited, and you’d still have to bring it together in a way where you can analyze what’s going on and why. In short, Amazon doesn’t give you the whole picture of what’s going on with your products.

Amazon product sales analytics tools are designed to do just this: bring together all the data you need, and let you focus on growth and expansion. 

Nozzle’s comprehensive product and purchase analysis capabilities unites relevant data and provides product insights. By receiving these insights, not only do you begin to understand what’s going on with your products, you also begin to understand your customer behavior. This lets you understand your customer lifetime value (CLV), which helps you make long-term decisions alongside short-term actions for quick wins.

If you know what’s happening with your products, you can see what your customers want and align your business strategy to them. Want to understand where your business should be heading? Nozzle can take you there. Start your free trial today.


  1. Unlocking the power of data in sales

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