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Amazon Analytics - Purchase Analytics

Uncover the secret to a successful purchase

We've built the tool to crack open your data and give you clear, instant insights into what makes your customers buy.

Nozzle analytics for amazon sellers

Every product has a story

Understand the big picture with purchase analysis

How will you know whether your cross-selling strategies are working? You must first understand your customers' purchase journeys.

Gain a unified view of all customer touchpoints to find opportunities; translate the insights from Nozzle's Purchase Analytics dashboard into next-level cross-selling strategies for Amazon sellers.
"It saved me tons of time and provided a unique level of granularity not found anywhere else, allowing me to understand by customers like never before
Brett Bohannon - VP Amazon, Power Digital Marketing
Purchase Analysis gives you the results you need today, and the confidence to plan for tomorrow.
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Unlock your true potential

Find your hero products

Discover new sales opportunities by analyzing purchasing trends of your customers.

Our data-driven insights help you identify which products are frequently purchased together, and which ones benefit most from subscribe & save options.

This is an easy way to grow Amazon sales and improve customer satisfaction -boosting your brand’s bottom line.
"Nozzle has allowed us to identify whether our "gateway" products were generating sales of the full product further down the line
Juan Giraldo -CEO & Co-founder, Waku
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