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Amazon Analytics - Growth Opportunities

We know Amazon doesn't make it easy

That’s why we created Nozzle – to empower your business to grow, even in a competitive market

Get started

Sick of wasting time gathering data?

Your time (and sanity) is valuable to us, so let us do the hard work for you

  • Streamline your Amazon selling experience and uncover opportunities for growth

  • Sell smarter by unlocking unique customer insights that are relevant to your business

  • No more manual sorting. See all of your most useful data in one convenient dashboard

Find out where
to focus your budget

Nozzle helps smart people (that's you!) make smart decisions based on what your customers are really buying

  • Increase ad spend. Retain profitability. See where you can afford to spend more, or where things aren't quite working

  • Trends sorted. We automate your customer behavioral data so you can make faster and better-informed business decisions

See how we've helped other Amazon sellers like you

Our conversion rate increased over 40% and our ad sales increased by 20%!

Matthew Serbus,
Director of E-commerce

We now have the information we need to make decisions about our business

Juan Giraldo

Nozzle has helped us understand our customer lifetime value and our customers' repeat purchase journeys

Achal Patel

They have helped us launch new products in both existing and new markets and deliver on our goal of £1m sales run rate

Gavin Bloeman

Having this tool has given us the ability to work smarter and quicker

Marina Foramitti
Amazon Advertising Sr. Director

The data they give us is game changing for our business

Steve Bolton
CEO & Co-Founder

Their team will go the extra mile and their tools offer us insight that we can't get anywhere else

Tejesh Adavi
Sales Director