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Best Amazon Seller Analytics Software

With advertising costs on Amazon increasing each year, it's important to find the best Amazon analytics software, find our top picks here!
Victor Malachard
Last updated:
December 2, 2021

With the cost of advertising on Amazon increasing by 30% this year alone, and with as many as 3,500 Sellers now joining the platform daily, it’s never been more important to optimize efficient Amazon product strategies that get to the heart of what customers want, and ensure that you can deliver it to ensure lasting brand impact., Analytics are the best way to do that yet, despite the potential for a veritable feast of intelligence, Amazon’s data supply is notoriously difficult to utilize. Escalating silos, limited access, and a generalized focus on one-off sales over lasting product value certainly prevent the ongoing results on which success ultimately rests. 

Competitive advantage that truly taps into Amazon’s 197 million monthly users is dependent on a more holistic outlook that factors for all-important Amazon data about in-the-moment product sales that ultimately make it easier to sell a brand in the long-run. Yet, while Amazon-native data is an obvious if lacking go-to, third-party analytics can take a little time to get right. 

This is especially the case given that every tool on the market offers something different depending on sales priorities, sales categories, and general market environments. Luckily, the vast array of available choices means that these tools offer something for every Seller, but you can’t just pick any one… There are various steps to pick an Amazon analytics tool. In this article, we’re going to help you find the ‘right’ tool for you by considering what a few top options have to offer. 

Pro tip: You Don’t Understand Your Customers and It’s Costing You! Ultimately, your best option to gain a competitive advantage on Amazon is customer understanding, regardless of your chosen software’s sophistication. If it doesn’t prioritize customer-centric outcomes, there’ll be Sellers on the platform out-maneuvering you. 


Nozzle: Customer-focused analytics and decision-making platform 

Nozzle: Customer-focused analytics and decision-making platform 

Nozzle is an industry-leading insights platform, built specifically with Amazon ecosystems, and importantly Amazon customers, in mind. Offering two kinds of service, Nozzle particularly supports Amazon Sellers through holistic analytics capabilities that shift the focus away from product-centric views to instead prioritise customer understanding for more effective sales that focus on what your consumers are doing, what they want, and how you can better deliver that for ongoing loyalty. Fuelled by an expert team at the cutting edge of AI development, a partnership with Nozzle affords your brand growth expertise either through the platform itself, or with the technology and a dedicated team to manage your growth strategy directly — specifically you can partner with Nozzle either through…   

  • Essentials: Designed for Sellers who want to augment their data analytics swiftly and effectively, this subscription to the platform boasts advanced customer-centric features that uncover customer acquisition cost (CAC), and customer lifetime value (CLV) to grow your Amazon business. This allows Sellers to more accurately target customer profiles with the right products at the right time. P.s. you also get free access to the Pro Amazon PPC audit (usually $100). 
  • Managed: Created for Sellers who need a little more than the Essentials (but also get all the same benefits as the first option). This partnership includes monthly calls with specialists who design and tailor personalized growth plans devised from extensive analytics. Specifically, the specialists look at purchase journey analysis, repeat purchase breakdown, promotions analysis and category benchmarking — all of which is presented in an ad & organic sales dashboard. 

One-source analytics provides the oversight and Amazon-native data aggregation necessary to understand and make effective customer-driven decisions by providing immediate consumer understanding. This makes it far easier to develop sales techniques and focuses targeted towards viable conversions and increased Amazon customer lifetime value.

You need a one-stop Amazon solution that only targets consumers that are likely to stick around and thus, makes spending worthwhile. What can help you do that? Sophisticated algorithm-led bid updates, automated search migrations and Amazon PPC management that prioritises hero ASINs. 

Who is it good for?

The two different partnership options make Nozzle effective for a variety of Sellers, depending on what stage your brand is at… 

  • Essentials: As the self-service option is pure analytics, it requires some understanding of data-driven growth strategies, thus this option is prime for Sellers who have existed on the platform for a while and are looking to enhance their campaigns through analytics that go beyond Amazon-native efforts. Sellers who are familiar with how to interpret and utilise customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (CLV) can especially benefit from value-driven, consumer-first insights that fuel these metrics to more effectively meet consumer needs that lead to viable sales. 
  • Managed: This option offers a more holistic solution, so could be seen as a better option for the early Sellers; while they find their feet on the platform, a partnership with Nozzle can help them to grow as they learn, ensuring no ASIN, campaign or customer is wasted. 

This being said, the specific requirements of any Seller will determine which option is best for them. You may be a veteran Seller whose reached maximum efficiency with your ad campaigns, you’ve reached an advertising block and need to uncover the latest tricks. Equally, you could be a complete newbie to Amazon with no previous growth expertise, but still opt for the Essentials package as your budget is limited right now. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Nozzle.  

Unique features

  • Consumer-first insights 
  • One-source analytics dashboards
  • Aggregated Amazon datasets
  • Holistic managed oversight
  • A specific focus on consumer personas across categories
  • PPC campaign management
  • Advertising algorithms and automation

SellerLegend: Monitoring and management platform

Seller Legend screenshot

Boasting all of the tools you need to manage your Amazon business, SellerLegend aims to offer crystal clear oversight through the use of fully customizable Seller dashboards that ship with 32 widgets to get you started. Easy-to-use data visualizations downloadable for on-the-go management simplifies the tracking of sales, profit, and inventory, enabling better business decisions fuelled by near real-time data. 

100% Amazon TOS compliance enables Sellers to retain their place in Amazon’s Brand Registry, while still accessing data-fuelled benefits that include PPC performance tracking, product and customer management, and sales and revenue monitoring among others. By enabling accurate and fast analytics, SellerLegend used right helps Sellers to adjust to an ever-changing market faster than competitors that, ultimately, they need to outstrip for success.

Who is it good for?

The ability to quickly and easily oversee and manage Amazon analytics in keeping with business KPIs makes SellerLegend an accessible solution for brands just starting on their Amazon journey. Individual dashboards could, however, potentially confuse data across well-established or wide-reaching campaigns, making this a tool best used for growth management, rather than necessarily lasting success.

Key features

  • Dashboards fully customizable with 32 widgets
  • Downloadable visualizations of near-real-time data
  • Automated management and reporting activities
  • Guest access

SellerApp: Sales, marketing, and operations platform

SellerApp screenshot

SellerApp aims to bring Amazon sales, marketing, and operations together in a single platform that simplifies the identification of your most profitable products, and the efforts necessary to enhance their success. Product research tools that combine product intelligence with insightful analytics across as many as 300 million data points daily especially highlight highly successful products, as well as those that are potentially underperforming. Industry-first business product opportunity reports (BPO) then enhance these benefits to enable the identification of new opportunities, trackable through profit dashboards and business alerts that notify of changes in real-time.

Available in both self-service and managed packages, Sellers can tailor SellerApp to their needs according to profitability, resources, and more. Free self-service options are available for Sellers at the start of their journey, while monthly fees buy both pro lite and professional alternatives that offer options including custom reporting, dedicated success coaching, and revenue insights. Meanwhile, managed customers benefit from professionally written, brand-driven product descriptions, tailored campaign creation and structuring, and even dedicated PPC accounts management for full professional oversight on sales that run nicely in the background. 

What is it good for?

While growth is possible with tools like SellerApp’s BPO, the combined forces and managed focus of the platform largely make it a viable option for new Sellers keen to expand their Amazon reach. A product-centric focus particularly highlights the value of SellerApp for brands experiencing underperformance at the moment, and looking to improve sales of specific products within their chosen categories. 

Unique features

  • Industry-first BPO reports
  • Product research software
  • Freemium packages for new Sellers
  • Managed and self-service solutions
  • Amazon product alerts

ManageByStats: CRM and analytics platform

ManageByStats: CRM and analytics platform

Designed to increase Amazon profit margins, ManageByStats largely does what it says on the tin. It offers a software suite of Amazon Seller software built by real Amazon Sellers to ensure the collection of data that paints a clear picture of success. ManageByStats boasts a comprehensive suite of 25 tools including profit dashboards, statistics, and inventory, as well as an advanced auto-email responder ‘SellerMail’, and an advertising manager to help put these findings into action. 

This integrated suite works together in one place to ensure high-quality resources through one simple log-in that makes it possible to evaluate, zero-in, execute, automate, and monitor every element of Amazon sales. Packages are available in starter, elite, or enterprise mode, and aim to provide one-source, scalable solutions for Sellers at every stage of their journeys. 

Who is it good for?

Scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes mean that ManageByStats is a viable solution for both growth and ongoing development. However, with their elite packages arguably the most comprehensive and affordable offering here, there’s a strong argument that ManageByStats is best for medium-level Amazon enterprises with an existing following, but a desire to take things to the next level. 

Unique features

  • 25 product suites
  • SellerMail automation
  • Three customizable packages
  • Review request automation
  • Free Chrome extensions

Finding the right Amazon partner for you

Just as with any business pairing, there is no ‘perfect’ Amazon partner for every Seller, and settling on the ideal solution really comes down to understanding what’s out there, and how each offering stands to best boost your Amazon standing overall. Specifically, when comparing the options, you’ll want to keep in mind unique-to-you considerations, such as — 

  • What are your overall Amazon goals?
  • What does your Amazon budget look like?
  • What Amazon capacity do you currently have in-house?
  • Which areas of Amazon sales are most struggling?
  • How many team members need access to your Amazon analytics?

Generally speaking, the right tool will provide an adaptable, expansive, solution that seamlessly fits with your answers to these questions while also growing and adapting as your Amazon enterprise does. With this in mind, Nozzle could be precisely that solution for you. Get a feel for how we fit with your Amazon sales by booking a demo today.

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