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Amazon Analytics - Cohort Analysis

Demystify your customers' behavior

Taking the time to learn about your customers and their behavior is crucial for making effective marketing strategies. Our cohort analysis report helps you focus your strategy and boost profitability.

Nozzle analytics for amazon sellers

The secret weapon to your profitability

Increase your profits without increasing complexity. Run more effective marketing campaigns that are personalized for your customers.

How many new customers were acquired last month? And how much was spent on advertising, marketing, and sales?

Let's find out!

Our cohort analysis will show you how much profit you're making for each month you own the customer, and lets you track your cohort profit per customer and breakeven ACoS over time.
"In just 4 months the Nozzle team have generated €200k in incremental sales for our brands across the EU 4 markets. In summary, they smashed it.
Marketing Manager - Leading Native Amazon Beauty Brand
Put an end to the guesswork and figure out what’s really going on. Cohort analysis empowers you to run the numbers and make data-driven decisions.
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Maximize business growth, and retain customers for longer

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If you don't use cohort analysis, you'll lose the battle for your customers.

Start with 5 simple questions: What market share do we have? Where are our new customers coming from? Where are our old customers going? What marketing channels and activities have had the biggest impact? Why do we see these impacts?

The answers will show you what to focus on to increase your customer retention and market share.
"Nozzle has allowed us to calculate an accurate breakeven ACoS, re-allocate advertising and SEO budgets and run Amazon PPC campaigns more aggressively, knowing we can outspend competitors and gain market share whilst still being profitable.
Achal Patel - Co-founder & CEO - Cabinet Health
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Need more about Cohort Analysis?

Why not check out our latest articles and case-studies about how you can effectively use our unique Cohort Analysis to get the best out of your data, and start beating the Amazon competition

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