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Amazon Analytics - Performance Summary

at a glance

Tracking various metrics is no longer a pain. The Performance Summary feature provides Amazon sellers with an outlook on several important metrics all in one place.

Start your day with an update on your goals

Don't guess how you're doing - know it.

Finding it tricky to keep on top of your sales goals? Do you want to know how you're really doing?

See how you're doing today compared to yesterday
. Nozzle's Performance Summary dashboard lets Amazon sellers like you see how your monthly performance stacks up against your goals.
"We now have the information we need to make decisions about our business
Juan Giraldo - Founder, Waku
Always know exactly where you stand, with impressive real-time Amazon performance data.
Get your performance summary
performance tracker screenshot from nozzle analytics

Complex data, made simple.

No more manual number-crunching

We know how it is: you're short on time, and you just want the answers - fast.

Our performance summary report helps Amazon Sellers get a view of the most important metrics to your business, in one simple report.
"Having this tool has given us the ability to work smarter and quicker
Marina Foramitti -Amazon Advertising Sr. Director, Elevate Brands
Quickly get to grips with Amazon sales and customer behaviour metrics, so you can figure out how to spend your time most efficiently.
Start saving time today
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