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Case studies

Have a look at some of the success stories of Amazon sellers using Nozzle's award-winning customer analytics tool to get a competitive edge on Amazon.

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How Buddy and Lola Increased Their Sales by 155%

+26% New Customers
+155% Total Sales
+21% Profit

Steve Bolton

Co-founder & CEO

Buddy & Lola

Buddy & Lola managed to increase their total sales by 155% using nozzle's analytics tool and dedicated ad management.
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Why it made sense for Cabinet to increase their ad spend

+15% SP Spend
+50% SP Spend on Key Products
+156% Total Sales

Achal Patel

Co-founder & CEO

Cabinet Health

Check out how we helped Cabinet Health better understand their Amazon customer lifetime value, meaning they knew exactly how much more they could afford to spend to attract new customers - and remain profitable.
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Nozzle delivers Project £1m for Nature Provides

+43% New Customers
+50% Repeat Purchases
+113% Total Sales

Gavin Bloem


Nature Provides

How Nozzle used customer data to implement aggressive brand-building campaigns and achieve huge sales growth
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