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Amazon Analytics - Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Acquisition Made Easy

Nozzle's customer acquisition cost tools for Amazon sellers helps you acquire more customers, better understand and categorize them, increase your ROI, and know where to find them.

Get Clear.
Get Actionable.
Get Insights.

Amazon leaves you in the dark, but we've got you covered

It’s hard to know if you’re getting the most out of your ad spend.

With Nozzle’s customer acquisition cost analysis, you can find new customers quickly and efficiently.
"By identifying our customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime value across all products, we now have the information we need to make decisions about our business much earlier than would otherwise be the case
Juan Giraldo - Founder, Waku
Reduce spending, increase customer retention, and ultimately boost your bottom line using Nozzle's customer acquisition cost calculator.
Get more Amazon customers today

Build a customer loyalty machine, not just a company.

Sales growth, powered by data

Most Amazon sellers still rely on guesswork and hope when it comes to retention.

Nozzle's Amazon analytics tools help you understand how to build customer loyalty with stunning precision.

When customers love your brand? They'll come back for more.
"There are not many service providers that can assist with this, but even if there were, you would struggle to find one better than Nozzle
Tejesh Adavi - Sales Director - Nutravita
Start retaining customers today
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Want to know more?

Lean more about how your Customer Acquisition Cost interacts with other customer behavior metrics, such as Customer Lifetime Value, to give you a full picture of your marketing efforts.

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