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Advanced growth management for power sellers, with dedicated strategists and expert advice at hand when you need it.

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Essential analytics tools  for direct sellers. Get the insights you need to take your Amazon selling business to the next level.

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The details

Cohort analysis

Track customers by the month they made their first purchase and see at what point you breakeven.

Monthly results

See the progress towards your KPIs and the impact of your changes every week. No more guessing needed.

Actionable insights

We help provide clear actions for you to take based on the data and insights presented.

Custom ASIN categories

We know Amazon's own categories don't reflect yours. Create custom categories based on groupings that make sense to your business.

Customer acquisition cost

We account for all your sponsored search spend to give you an accurate view of acquisition costs on Amazon for the first time.

Customer lifetime value analysis

Understand the true value of your customers so you can optimise your marketing budget.

Category benchmarking

Find out how your customer data compares to your competition.

Personalized growth plan

Unlock growth opportunities with a custom plan from our Amazon experts.

Promotions analysis

Discover whether your deals, promotions, and events are profitable.

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See how Nozzle can work with you to provide incredible insights for your Amazon clients.

Frequently Asked Questions


What marketplaces do you support?

We support:

  • NA: US, CA, MX, BR
  • EU: AE, DE, EG, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL, PL, SA, SE, TR

Do I have to connect my Amazon account to Nozzle?

Yes we require a Seller to connect both Amazon advertising and Amazon order data to Nozzle after signing up. This needs to be done for each marketplace.

Why should I trust Nozzle?

Nozzle is 2.5 years old and is made up of Amazon Sellers, ex-Amazon employees and seasoned and passionate technology people! We don’t sell any products on Amazon and so we’re completely aligned with your success!

We work with Amazon Sellers of all sizes (5 - 10 figures) across the world.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Rael, has appeared on a number of podcasts, such as Danny McMillan’s Seller Sessions, and presented keynote talks at conferences including e-Retail Festival and 10X D2C.

Amazon doesn't let us access our customer data, so how does this work?

We use the Amazon Selling Partners API to access the data via a Restricted Data Token (RDT).  In order for us to use the data, we have been through several comprehensive data and security audits by Amazon and thus have explicit permission from Amazon to use the data for our use cases.  

We will never surface customer information in our dashboards and are fully compliant with all Amazon Terms of Service and other regulatory requirements such as GDPR in Europe.


Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 14 day free trial where you can cancel anytime! Try for free here

How do I cancel?

If you’re still on your 14 day trial, you can cancel anytime within the 14 day period with no charge. We will email you a reminder when your trial is coming to an end.

After the trial, payment is made on an upfront monthly recurring basis. To cancel, login to the Settings page where you will see an option to cancel your monthly subscription which will take effect in the next billing period. An email confirmation will be sent to you.

Are your payments secure?

Yes! We use Stripe to manage our customer subscriptions, Nozzle does not store any of your payment information.

The product

How do you define a new and returning customer?

A new customer is one that has not made a purchase before, while a returning customer has made at least one purchase before.

What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can be defined as the total profit per customer to a business over the whole period of their relationship — it is a metric that is highly desired by brands but is often found to be challenging to quantify accurately.

You can read more about it here.

What is CAC?

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is a business-level metric. It is the total amount it costs to acquire an average customer. In Nozzle, it’s the total amount of ad spend per ASIN divided by the total number of new to brand customers for a given period.

How much data is available when I connect my Amazon account to Nozzle?

Right now, we are able to fetch 2 years of order data from the date you connect your Seller account to Nozzle (this may be subject to change in the future). For the advertising data, it’s the last 60 days.

Can I export the Nozzle data?

Not yet but a data export option is on our roadmap!

How often is the data updated?

We update the data on a daily basis.


Who do you share my data with?

We don't share your data with anybody. You can check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service here.

How long do you keep my data for?

We keep your Amazon data for as long as you’re a Nozzle customer. If you cancel your subscription, all your data will be deleted within 30 days.

Are you compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service?