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Amazon Analytics - Customer Lifetime Value

Uncover the true value of your customers

We calculate the exact value of each customer so that you can act with confidence on Amazon

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Your customers are more valuable than you think

Unparalleled precision. Ultimate visibility

  • Identify your true breakeven ACoS and take advantage of revenue opportunities

  • Get a clear, accurate view of your customer lifetime value

  • Set more realistic marketing budgets and see how much you can afford to spend on new customers

Your new strategy,

Business growth, powered by data

  • Create different categories to help organize your ASINs and focus your strategy

  • Clearly see the repeat purchase rate % across different products and categories, so you can determine where to apply your focus

  • Unique data insights for growth and profitability


increase in profit per customer within 3 months


the increase in ad spend most brands can afford


tools (apart from Nozzle) that calculate LTV with purchase data