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Amazon Customer Lifetime Value

Reveal the true value of your Amazon customers

Never lose sight of who your customer is: track Amazon customer behavior and predict future purchases with precision.

Nozzle analytics for amazon sellers

You can outsmart, outspend and outperform your competitors

Your customers are more valuable than you think

Your average profit per customer, or customer lifetime value, can dramatically impact your success as an Amazon seller.

Knowing how much each customer is worth to you and identifying your breakeven ACoS are two of the most important things you need to start doing now to succeed against your competitors on Amazon.

Nozzle's CLV analysis helps you do that. It's the ultimate tool for analyzing Customer Lifetime Value, revealing your true break-even ACoS and pinpointing revenue opportunities.
"We didn’t realise we could get that level of customer insight on Amazon
Steve Bolton - CEO and co-founder, Buddy & Lola
Maximize profit and efficiency through our advanced Amazon analytics for FBA sellers, and reveal your true profit per customer.
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Want the Lifetime Value lowdown?

Knowledge of how to understand and use Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon is critical for success on Amazon. Check our introductory guide to using this metric to skyrocket your sales performance - and see how it relates to other important metrics too.

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