The smartest way to run your Amazon search and display campaigns

Nozzle is a purpose-built AI platform designed by data scientists and Amazon experts to maximise the performance of your advertising.



Tailor-made keyword and competitor keyword research, reduce time by 90%


Smart and simplified setup allowing sophisticated strategies, with novel use of Ad Groups


Always-on bid management and dynamic re-allocation of budgets to achieve your goals


Create better reports faster and use AI to gain insights and take action

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Powerfully improve performance

Increase ROAS and total Amazon sales by optimising campaign actions with AI created by world-leading machine learning experts with hands-on expertise in planning and executing Amazon campaigns. Achieve your goals with algorithms custom-built for you and continuously updated in real-time. Access daily insights on your customers’ behaviour, adapt your campaigns, constantly learn and improve.
Sales increased 18% in a single month
Source: Men's grooming retailer on Nozzle

Smarter strategies, simplified

All your ad campaign data and decisions in one user interface. Nozzle saves you a huge amount of time via AI-driven keyword suggestions, bid optimisations and reporting, freeing you up to concentrate on other valuable tasks.
Get 90% quicker at keyword research and analysis alone
Source: Client research

The platform for you

Use Nozzle in the way that suits your business. Automate fully, partly or not at all. Always have transparency as to why we’ve made certain recommendations. Get better at forecasting and seasonal analysis by having access to your data indefinitely (beyond Amazon's 60 days).
28% drop in ACoS in 2 months
Source: Men's grooming retailer on Nozzle

Nozzle AI reduces ACoS by 35% while increasing total sales by 18%

In our short time working together, Nozzle has increased our total revenue by 18% whilst slashing our ACoS. I know I’m in safe hands and I can now shift my focus on to other aspects of my business

Saul, Owner
Best of the Bone

Built by AI and Amazon experts

We are world-class AI and Amazon experts who help digital professionals understand user behaviour. We are part of MediaGamma, a spin-out from a premier global centre of computing science academic excellence, Computer Science department at UCL.

Rael Cline
Co-founder & ceo
Entrepreneur specialising in machine learning applications across digital industries.

Dr. Shuai Yuan
VP, Data Science
PhD in Computational Advertising from UCL, winner of global ad bidding algo competition.

Daniel Tejada
Amazon ads specialist, regularly featured in Digiday.

Victor Malachard
Executive Chairman
Serial tech entrepreneur and recognised leader with over 20 years' experience.

Dr Jun Wang
Co-founder & Chief Scientist
Professor, Computer Science, UCL and author of more than a dozen papers on related topics.

Allan Brisbane
VP, Engineering
Twenty years in high throughput / low latency systems engineering.

Built for your business

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