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Nozzle Amazon Analytics

Answer questions like:

Am I making a profit from my ads?

Have my changes had an impact?

How many customers come back?

What's my customer lifetime value?

What's my breakeven ACoS?

Nozzle is the leading customer analytics tool for Amazon sellers

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44m+ unique customers analyzed
Award-winning analytics
$762m+ annual sales analyzed

Why use Nozzle?

Get insights with the most actionable data to grow your Amazon business, and stand out from the competition.

You can't build a brand on guesswork

Nozzle provides Amazon sellers like you with the analytics tools you need to grow your Amazon business and build a strong and lasting brand through customer behavior data.

You can't improve what you can't measure

Drowning in a sea of confusing reports from Seller Central? Reliant on complicated spreadsheets to get the numbers you need?

Not anymore.

We've created beautiful, simple dashboards that get you the insights you need, fast.

We make it easy
for Amazon sellers to supercharge their sales

But don't just take our work for it - see for yourself what these game-changing brands, agencies and aggregators have achieved with Nozzle!
Amazon ads partner awards Innovation award winner UK 2021 Badge

The award-winning analytics & growth platform for Amazon sellers

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