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Enterprise solutions - Nozzle

Your Amazon Customer Intelligence Partner

Deliver enhanced customer experiences, increase sales, and create measurable value with Nozzle's customer analytics software platform.

Measure, optimize & improve

Nozzle delivers actionable data you can put to work

Are you still using spreadsheets to analyze data from your client's store?

It's a huge drain on resources, with no real impact.

Our actionable insights and easy-to-use dashboards will help you build a complete picture of your client's customers, so you can spend time creating a marketing strategy that you know will work.
"Nozzle's tool was an invaluable resource in helping me win new business. It saved me loads of time and provided a level of granularity not found anywhere else. The beautiful design is the icing on the cake!
Brett Bohannon - VP Amazon, Power Digital Marketing
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Nozzle has data solutions for Brands, Agencies and Aggregators

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We've been sharing the latest and greatest things in Amazon FBA and eCommerce analytics, as well as other business tips. Learn more about everything from customer acquisition cost calculations, to up to date seller insights, as well as case-studies showing how we've helped our clients boost their revenue and build their brand

Get new ecommerce potential for your clients using the industry’s leading customer analytics solution

Agency & Aggregator

Nozzle for Agencies gives you insights that you can't get anywhere else. Use it to make your agency shine, and take your clients' marketing strategy to the next level.

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