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Nozzle helps sellers understand their customers on Amazon

Our mission

To give every Amazon seller the power to understand their customers and grow their business

Amazon makes it especially hard to access, interpret and utilize invaluable datasets, leaving sellers lost without any real insights into who their customers actually are or how they purchase.

To compete on Amazon today, you need more than just hustle - we believe every seller should be empowered to build an army of loyal customers and make key decisions with confidence.

That's why Nozzle have created the leading customer analytics tool for Amazon sellers. As an Amazon partner, we use the latest technology and data science to analyze your customers' buying patterns and uncover insights like:

  • Customer repeat order rate
  • Profit per customer (customer lifetime value)
  • The cost of acquiring a customer

...and many more!

amazon ads partner awards, innovation award winner

An award-winning team

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Our team

Rael Cline - Co-founder & CEO at Nozzle

Rael Cline

Co-founder & CEO

Victor Malachard - Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Nozzle

Victor Malachard

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Catia Costa - Frontend Developer at Nozzle

Catia Costa

Frontend Developer

Christian Espinoza - Senior Software Engineer at Nozzle

Christian Espinoza

Lead Software Engineer

Marian Vladoi Software Engineer at Nozzle

Marian Vladoi

Software Engineer

Join the team

Working at Nozzle gives you the chance to be part of building something unique and exciting. We are a company at the cutting edge of eCommerce and Ad Technology developing market leading products and working with some of the world's biggest brands.

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