About us

We’re on a mission to simplify the
selling experience on Amazon.

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Our story

We know how operationally difficult Amazon is to use. Amazon is unique in that it’s really a microcosm of an organization that sits within your own organization - it cuts across product, finance, logistics and marketing to name a few. Couple this with the fact that some of the most valuable datasets are hidden across multiple user interfaces within Amazon and buried 2 sub-menus deep and leave you asking “how do I use this information?”, and you begin to realize just how difficult it is to get the best out of your Amazon business.

We’ve used these shared painful experiences and combined them with our world class AI expertise to create a product we think you’ll love. We’re not just automating for automation’s sake and we’re not just throwing around the term “AI” just to impress you (although we’re super proud of our team’s contributions to the field). We’ve used these technologies in a very deliberate and thoughtful way, always trying to make your life easier, whilst understanding your need for transparency and insights to help you and / or your customers win on Amazon.

Our team

Image of Rael Cline

Rael Cline

CEO & Co-Founder

Image of Victor Malachard

Victor Malachard

Executive Chairman

Image of Dr. Jun Wang

Dr. Jun Wang

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Image of Dan Durling

Dan Durling

Commercial Director

Image of Allan Brisbane

Allan Brisbane

VP, Engineering

Image of Katherine Grover

Katherine Grover

Finance Director

Image of Christian Espinoza

Christian Espinoza

Senior Software Developer

Image of Shanil Beekarry

Shanil Beekarry

Business Development

Image of Robert Cowie

Robert Cowie

Senior Software Engineer

Image of Francisco Silvério

Francisco Silvério

Software Engineer

Image of Ana Escontrela

Ana Escontrela

Front End Engineer

Image of Thomas Marks

Thomas Marks

Senior Developer

Image of Karen Tait

Karen Tait

Executive Assistant