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Nozzle Case Study

How Buddy and Lola Increased Their Sales by 155%

Buddy & Lola managed to increase their total sales by 155% using nozzle's analytics tool and dedicated ad management.

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+26% New Customers
+155% Total Sales
+21% Profit
In January 2021 the Nozzle team were tasked with creating a strategy to deliver 150% annual sales for them.

The Challenge

The pet market has became increasingly competitive in 2021 with CPCs (cost per clicks) rising (147% up in the first 6 months), a growing list of well-funded competitors and more sophisticated campaigns being published daily.

Our brief was to create a data driven ads and wider Amazon strategy to hit their annual sales goal.

Our Strategy

Using our analytics tool we identified key customer behaviour and metrics at an ASIN level. These metrics included new-to-brand customers (NTB), % of sales from repeat customers, retention rates, customer acquisition costs (CAC) and profit per customer over time (LTV). Our actions included reallocating ad budgets according to the CAC and LTV delta, running coupons and promotions to encourage cross purchases, new targeting experiments according to which products are bought together and retention strategies following comparisons between Buddy & Lola and benchmark data for the pet category.

The Results

The Nozzle adVantage team implemented a PPC (pay per click) strategy using the insights and delivered fantastic results. Specifically they were able to see an increase in:

  • New Customers
  • Profit
  • Total Sales

Company profile
Buddy & Lola
A values-led pet brand that truly love and believe in the good they can do for their customers and their owners.
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We have been well and truly blown away by Nozzle’s tool. As DTC experts we didn’t realise we could get that level of customer insight on Amazon. The data they give us is game changing for our business and is allowing us to take Buddy & Lola to the next level!

Steve Bolton

Co-founder & CEO

Buddy & Lola

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