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Nozzle Case Study

Why it made sense for Cabinet to increase their ad spend

Check out how we helped Cabinet Health better understand their Amazon customer lifetime value, meaning they knew exactly how much more they could afford to spend to attract new customers - and remain profitable.

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+15% SP Spend
+50% SP Spend on Key Products
+156% Total Sales
Amazon is one of ValuMed's key sales channels and their Co-Founder and CEO Achal Patel was looking at ways to further grow the brand using Nozzle.

The Challenge

ValuMeds sought a deeper understanding of its customer lifetime value (LTV). This key metric answers the fundamental question: “How much can I spend on ads to acquire new-to-brand audiences on Amazon?” Given the high propensity of customers to purchase multiple times from ValuMeds, this metric was of strategic importance as it is directly tied to advertising spend optimization and therefore achieving growth targets.

Our Strategy

Nozzle used their Amazon analytics tool to help ValuMeds build a strategy for pay-per-click and search engine optimization (SEO), specifically helping to understand where to spend time and money on an individual product level based on the Customer Lifetime Value metric.

The Results

ValuMeds optimized their advertising spend and used insights to define specific strategies for decision-making. After insights received from their partnership with Nozzle, ValuMeds were able to grow:

  • +15% SP Spend
  • +50% SP Spend on Key Products
  • +156% Total Sales

Company profile
Cabinet Health - ValuMeds
ValuMeds, part of Cabinet Health Inc., is an over-the-counter medicine brand selling FDA-certified products in the United States since 2017.
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Nozzle has helped us understand our customer lifetime value and our customers' repeat purchase journeys across our product range.  This has allowed us to calculate an accurate breakeven ACoS, re-allocate advertising and SEO budgets and run Amazon PPC campaigns more aggressively knowing we can outspend competitors and gain market share whilst still being profitable.

Achal Patel

Co-founder & CEO

Cabinet Health

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