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Amazon Analytics - Customer Acquisition

Your competitors are getting smarter...

And acquiring new Amazon customers is the prize

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Understand your customers, know where to find them

Amazon leaves you in the dark, but we've got you covered

  • Reduce risk in your business decisions with reliable customer data

  • Clearly see factors which influence your customer acquisition

  • Optimize your ad spend to reach further, while remaining profitable

  • Understand the different needs of your new and returning customers

No more guesswork

Business growth, powered by data

  • Optimize and adapt your business strategy based on real knowledge

  • Empower your team to make decisions with confidence

  • Track improvements over time and focus your efforts on impactful change

  • Meet your KPIs and give your stakeholders assurance of your success with easy-to-read monthly reports


more conversion for Amazon's Sponsored Ads vs Google Shopping Ads


of Amazon purchases are made on the first page


average rise in CPCs in the last 12 months