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4 Things Nozzle Has To Offer

Find out how the 4 things Nozzle has to offer, from strategic partnerships through to self-service SaaS to help brands maximize performance on Amazon.
Victor Malachard
Last updated:
February 9, 2022

Strategic partnerships through to self-service SaaS is a UCL spinout designed by data scientists and Amazon experts to help brands maximize sales, share of category and advertising performance on Amazon. Using the rich transactional and media data sets available through Amazon’s API ecosystem, Nozzle provides companies with operational efficiencies, deep insights and delivers continuous media spend optimization and sales performance across Amazon's entire ad tech stack. This helps Sellers and retailers drive market share and profitability on Amazon.

As a strategic partner and a SaaS product, our value is the same: we focus you on the data that matters, helping you take informed actions that improve your business. We work directly with Sellers and Vendors, as well as agencies. In all cases, we take the fragmented experience and fragmented datasets provided by Amazon and combine them to deliver deep retail analytics able to optimize sales and advertising with easy to understand insights, and provide an execution platform for that optimization of advertising. 

Here are the four major outcomes you can expect if you work with us.    


1. Increased ad performance

Advertising spend is one of the levers on Amazon over which merchants have direct control. You choose how much to bid and what you are bidding on. Core to Nozzle’s strengths is providing you with a clear picture of your advertising spend to improve or hit specific ad-related goals — e.g. ad sales, RoAS or ACoS. We can help you identify wasted ad spend and missed revenue opportunities, and will help you continually optimize and automate your strategy. 

How we help: 

We can either deliver you improved PPC outcomes as a managed service, or simply serve up insights that will help you make the right choices on your own, and automation tools that will make execution simple.  

  • Clear understanding: Our in-depth audit tool can provide a clear picture of how your current campaigns are functioning, where there is wasted spend, and quick ways to improve or better align with goals. 
  • Campaign structure: Get custom recommendations on the best Amazon campaign structure and bidding practices based on your campaign goals — for example, aligning outcomes with defined RoAS/ACoS targets, maximizing customer acquisition or supporting a product launch. We also provide tools to help you set those Amazon advertising goals
  • Simple scaling: Our platform has been designed to clone campaigns across different marketplaces and different geographies — letting your duplicate success with ease. 
  • Automation: Get tools that automate key tasks like Dayparting (make sure you spend your budget at the right time), Bid updates (get algorithm-guided bid automation to keep your spend aligned with your goals) and Search term optimization (automate search term migration and negations to make sure you’re bidding on the most effective keywords). 
  • Insights: We pull data from across the Amazon ecosystem to help you identify your competitors on an ASIN-by-ASIN basis, recalculate break-even ACoS based on repeat purchases, and better understand what ads are performing and which could be improved.

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2. Sales and profit growth 

We know that you’re focused on the bottom line, and the ultimate outcome of a lot of what we have to offer is sales growth. However, we don’t want to just see you grow sales, we want you to grow margin and become more profitable, and can help you do that too. 

How we help: 

Analytics present you with specific retail data to make recommendations on profitability. By aggregating the different data sources within the Amazon ecosystem in this way, we identify the most business-critical information to increase sales and profitability.

Typically this involves:

We then drive sales by analyzing customer behavior and demographics. These include:  

Repeat Purchase Analysis

  • Calculate your customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Pinpoint products that will generate higher value product sales 
  • Adjust ad spend to exploit higher CLV products and gain market share

Market Basket Analysis

  • Discover which products customers are comparing your products to 
  • Identify what customers eventually buy in order to identify true competitors and use ASIN targeting in PPC.
  • Readily recognize bundling opportunities and create unique product combinations that can drive up AOV (average order value) and help you win the Buy Box.

Geo-Hotspot Analysis

  • Quantify incremental impacts of TV/out-of-home campaigns that have a geo focus
  • Use geo data from off-Amazon campaigns (like Facebook) where you can use geo as a targeting input. 
  • Find successful cities/regions and replicate marketing tactics 
  • Identify underperformers to adjust your strategy
  • Assess the impact on Amazon activity from non-Amazon marketing channels 

By understanding who your customers are and how they engage with your products, you can more effectively target them and tailor your portfolio to best effect.  

Pro tip: Customer lifetime value is a particularly important metric for us. It’s an estimate of the total value of a customer to your brand over their lifetime — their first purchase to last purchase. This helps you understand:  

  1. Whether or not the majority of your revenue is being generated from new or repeat buyers.
  2. Which products have the greatest real value to your business long-term.
  3. How much you can spend on acquiring a new customer while still turning a profit long-term.  

A large part of the value that Nozzle software provides is a quick and accurate way to make these CLV calculations on a product-specific basis using machine learning and AI to regularly crunch the numbers. This lets you understand how individual sales translate into long-term profits, and can enable better planning and improved growth. If you want to learn more, check out our blog — Can CLV Calculation Ever Be Accurate? 

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3. Time-saving and increased focus

Using our tools, you can improve individual or team productivity/efficiency. That means the ability to manage more workloads and focus on higher-value tasks with software that takes care of the heavy lifting. To a large degree, this is simply because we cut down on the amount of time that needs to be spent setting up ad campaigns, collating reports, and then cross-referencing numbers. 

Even if you just think about the reporting mechanisms within Amazon Brand Analytics, PPC and product managers will need to go to three or four different places in order to get the required information — and that doesn’t even include additional data sets from Amazon MWS, Amazon DSP, etc. Just centralizing this information is massively helpful, and we go a lot further than simple centralization. 

How we help: 

Through automation and machine learning, the Nozzle activation tool makes bid optimization, reporting and search term migration efficient and effective. You can quickly scale ad campaigns across thousands of SKUs/ASINs across multiple marketplaces.

Our analytics tool short-cuts you straight to the insights you need to take action. One of the greatest challenges with Amazon’s native reporting functions (for example, Amazon Brand Analytics) is the time it takes to cross-reference information and actually figure out what to do with it. We contextualize this data, add transactional-specific information from Amazon MWS, and use AI/ML to make direct recommendations. Save time and focus on outcomes.   

  • Our audit tool can save teams hours of work running spreadsheets etc.
  • Our customers have demonstrated 80% time-savings with AI-based automation

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4. Better decision-making

Most brand decisions need to stem from a deep understanding of customers; how customer preferences change and how customer behavior evolves with each choice. We present personas across product categories and allow you to take action to better engage with customers. This, in turn, drives efficient marketing spend, increased sales and better margins.

How we help: 

Analytics gives clients insight into bundling opportunities, new product launches, ASIN priority and cross-marketing opportunities. We can carry out deep retail analytics dating back a maximum of two years. This information is applied to target ads, and influence business decisions, such as how to expand your product portfolio.

  • Our domain knowledge helps us address complex business opportunities and challenges using AI skills. 
  • We help you manage, analyze, enhance and reveal hidden commercial value.

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Success through data 

To execute at Amazon scale, you will need to deploy the right skills, software, and working practices. We offer a range of services from strategic partnerships through to self-service SaaS to match where our customers are on their Amazon journey. By harnessing the right information, you will be able to make better choices, find a competitive advantage and grow your business.  

The results speak for themselves

Our customers sell a wide range of products on Amazon, but they all benefit in unique ways from the services and technology we provide. 

"Amazon is our most important sales channel and as a modernized, sustainable over-the-counter medicine brand we were looking for a partner who could help us better understand our customers and give us the analysis to take our business to the next level.

Working with our Valumeds Amazon data, Nozzle has helped us understand our customer lifetime value and our customers' repeat purchase journeys across our product range. This has allowed us to calculate an accurate breakeven ACoS, re-allocate advertising and SEO budgets and run Amazon PPC campaigns more aggressively knowing we can outspend competitors and gain market share whilst still being profitable.

It’s also given us the confidence to launch our new premium brand on Amazon Cabinet." Achal Patel, Co-founder & CEO at Cabinet Health.

Get in touch if you want us to help you become the best Amazon business you can be.

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