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My Amazon conversion rate sucks. What should I do?

Unsure how to optimize your Amazon sales funnel? Check out our guide to improving your conversion rate and start making more money!
Laura North
Last updated:
February 24, 2022

How can I increase my Amazon conversion rate?

A lot goes into making a successful Amazon ecommerce business. You need to have great product listings, competitive prices, and of course, high conversion rates. If you're not happy with your Amazon conversion rates, don't worry – we're here to help! In this post, we'll share some tips for boosting your conversion rates, improving your customers' shopping experience, and driving more sales of your Amazon products. Keep reading to learn more!

Build your brand presence

There are ways to increase your Amazon conversion rate as a seller, and one of the best is by attracting ready-to buy shoppers. You can do this with external marketing tools like Facebook ads or Google Shopping that will bring more visitors into contact with your product listing on Amazon before they've made up their mind about purchasing it. You can also improve your conversion rate by changing listings to drive sales and help you stand out from the competition. A high number of conversions is an indication that Amazon shoppers like what they see, so if enough are happening on a regular basis then that’s a good reason for you to keep that product in your inventory and form a marketing strategy around it.

Optimize your product listings

When you have a high conversion rate, it not only means that people are buying from your product listings but also shows how popular the Amazon algorithm finds them to be. This will help push ads higher up in search engine results pages (SERPs) for keywords related specifically to these products. My advice would be to focus on sending out warmer traffic by using strong copywriting and social proof so shoppers can easily make an informed decision about which item they want when browsing on Amazon (or any other e-commerce sites for that matter!)

Optimize your pricing

The balance between pricing your products so that you're not losing money on each sale, but also attracting customers with competitive prices can be tricky. It is important to find this middle ground where both qualities are valued and considered valuable by potential buyers before they make their purchase decisions; otherwise one may result in wasted funds while another walks away feeling stung - neither scenario works well for any business owner! The higher-priced items on Amazon usually have lower conversion rates because customers are more likely to compare these products before making their final purchase.

One way to increase your conversions is by offering a discounted price. This will likely result in more sales and profits for the business since it can capitalize on existing buyers who might not be able at first glance - but are willing to buy once they know what's available (and how much). It’s important to note that you should take care to assess whether running discounts and promotions are worth it for your particular business before going down this route, however.


Take advantage of ratings & reviews

The Amazon search engine rankings work together with their internal ranking system. Reviews and customer feedback determine how high up on the page you'll appear when someone searches for what they're looking at, so if there are many positive comments left by satisfied customers then expect yours as well-ranked among other listings - leading not just more traffic but offsetting any lower ratings. Try using Amazon-approved and managed review services such as Amazon Vine, or engaging with your user questions to get more reviews for your products onto your Amazon listing to ultimately improve conversion.


Finally: Don’t ignore your other metrics!

Understanding your conversion rate is key to making informed decisions about how best to run ads and promotions on and off Amazon. It will help you prioritize what needs attention so that the right things get accomplished with minimal waste.

But remember: your conversion rate is just one of many important metrics that any successful Amazon seller should be tracking. If you want some more information about how customer analytics can benefit your business, why not check out our eBook 'How to make sense of your Amazon customer data', or get a free 14 day trial of Nozzle analytics today.



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