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Introducing: Nozzle adVantage

Nozzle adVantage brings the best minds in Amazon Advertising together with our proprietary technology to give you an unfair advantage to your Amazon sales
Daniel Durling
Last updated:
January 24, 2022

What is Nozzle AdVantage?

This week, we've relaunched our Ad Management service, giving it a fresh new name that we feel reflects the true value - and unfair advantage - that working with Nozzle's team of experts can give to you.


10 Reasons to work with Nozzle AdVantage in 2022

An in-depth of charge

Every potential adVantage customer receives a free Amazon advertising audit and consultancy call from us. During the call, your dedicated growth strategists will give you ideas to improve your account. Think of it as our gift to you - there's no obligation to sign a contract if you're not ready. We're passionate about helping businesses like yours.


Your ‘no commitment’ trial period

We know you may not be comfortable signing up long-term for a service before you have seen the results, so we offer a 2 month trial period. After those two months if you aren’t impressed with the results and service (we think you will be!) then feel free to walk away.


Your own dedicated growth strategist

Every customer is special to us. You will be given your very own nozzle adVantage growth strategist, who will be focused on creating and executing a strategy to scale your business and hit your goals. You will be in constant contact with them over slack, email, mobile -  whatever works for you.

We always keep you in the loop

From the moment you sign up, we will book in your kick-off call, a weekly check in and your monthly review. During the kick-off call, we'll agree key information like priority ASINs, budgets, timelines, and, most importantly, KPIs. For the first 8 weeks you will be invited to a weekly check-in and report with a summary of the actions, performance, questions, and then a monthly review to look in more detail at the strategy and results.


We have lots of happy clients

We are proud of the service we offer and the results we generate for our customers. So proud that we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Before you run a trial with us we encourage you to speak to your growth strategist to ensure you are happy as well as quiz one of our existing clients, so you can validate for yourself that we're as good as we say we are.


We deliver results

We are in the business of delivering growth. We also understand that growth means different things to different clients, from top-line sales or market share to profitability growth. We are proud to have helped our brands level up in so many ways from hitting the magic £1m sales mark for a growing health brand to supporting a leading global skincare brand to take the No1 UK spot. From breaking through the £25m sales target to improving TACoS by  35% in just 3 months.


We are an Amazon Partner Innovation Award Winner

We are delighted to be recognized as the first Amazon Partner Innovation award winner! The awards celebrate the storytellers, innovators, and trailblazers who ‘move the needle by creating a net-new feature or service that helped drive client value, solved a client challenge, or created a new use case to help accelerate advertising efficiencies’. You can read more on our blog, or on Amazon’s Advertising blog.

amazon ad partners innovation award

We are your team

We know you might be nervous about outsourcing such an important part of your business. We want to make that decision easier by getting to know your brand before we start. We will ask to spend time with your brand managers, visit your business, use your products and make sure we can work face-to-face wherever we can. We aim to become an expert in your business!


Our experience

We love getting to know businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have helped grow brands on Amazon from supplements to apparel, and we work with founder-led start-ups to some of the most recognized brands in the world. We speak English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech and Slovakian so we have most markets covered. We have experienced nearly every category, market, and size of business so we really know what we are doing.


Our technology

Our secret sauce is our rockstar team and our proprietary technology. We use a combination of our Nozzle PPC Audit Tool to highlight wasted ad spend and missed revenue opportunities, and our Nozzle Analytics Tool to give us key metrics like customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, retention rates and repeat purchase. We use the data to make key decisions like how much you can afford to spend, which ASINs you should prioritize, when you should run your remarketing, and what is your true breakeven ACoS after accounting for repeat purchases? We call this our unfair adVantage.



Get your unfair adVantage today

Simply complete the 60-second form and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your needs.


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