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How to Get Customer Reviews On Amazon in 2023 - 6 of The Most Efficient Ways

Want to know how to get customer reviews on Amazon? Discover the most efficient ways to navigate the dynamic landscape, secure trust, boost sales, and taking Amazon products to new heights.
Laura North
Last updated:
June 8, 2023

In the ever-expanding digital marketplace of Amazon, customer reviews reign supreme as the lifeblood of success for sellers and businesses. In the dynamic landscape of 2023, where competition is fierce and consumer opinions hold immense influence, mastering the art of acquiring customer reviews is more vital than ever. With algorithms evolving and buyer behavior evolving alongside them, it's time to unlock the most efficient strategies that will propel your products to new heights. 

In this article, we dive into the proven methods that will empower you to navigate the complex world of Amazon reviews, securing the trust and loyalty of your customers while boosting your sales and reputation. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the secrets to harnessing the power of customer reviews on Amazon in 2023.

Why are customers’ reviews crucial for your business?

Customer reviews play a vital role in the success of Amazon sellers for several key reasons:

First of all, they serve as social proof, validating the quality, reliability, and value of a product. Positive reviews can build trust and credibility, encouraging potential buyers to make a purchase.

Secondly, positive reviews directly increase sales. They act as persuasive testimonials, influencing prospective customers and helping them make informed buying decisions. Products with higher ratings and positive reviews often outperform competitors, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Thirdly, Amazon reviews allow you to improve search rankings as the marketplace's algorithm takes customer reviews into account when determining search rankings. Products with a higher number of positive reviews and ratings are more likely to appear at the top of search results, increasing visibility and attracting more potential customers.

Overall positive reviews give a competitive advantage. Products with a substantial number of positive reviews and high ratings stand out from the competition, instilling confidence in potential buyers and positioning the seller as a trusted brand.

What helps to get customers’ reviews in 2023?

The Amazon review request process involves requesting reviews from customers who have purchased your products on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Amazon products receive an average review rate of approximately 1-2%. This means that out of every 100 sales, you can expect to receive just 1 or 2 reviews. However, by implementing a well-thought-out plan, you can potentially achieve a sales-to-review ratio of 5%, which would equate to an average of approximately 20 sales per review on Amazon.

We are absolutely sure that the following ways will help to supercharge the process of getting the reviews in 2023: 

Leverage Automated Sequences 

Follow up with customers after their purchase by using:

  • Amazon's "Request a Review" Button. Amazon provides a built-in feature called "Request a Review," which allows users to request reviews directly from the Order Details page on Seller Central. This button can be used once per order and is available for orders placed in the last 30 days.
  • Automated Third-Party Tools. You can use automated email campaigns through third-party Amazon review automation tool or software to send review request emails to customers. These emails are typically sent shortly after the order is delivered and may include personalized messages, product usage tips, and a polite request to leave product reviews.
  • Packaging Inserts. Physical insert or card within the product packaging that requests a review works as well. This insert may include instructions on how to leave a review or direct the customer to a specific URL or landing page.

Plan Timing Strategically

Review requests have to be timed effectively. Don’t waste time and reach out to customers shortly after they receive their order when the product is fresh in their minds, and they are more likely to provide feedback.

Incentivize Reviews

Amazon strongly forbids any type of manipulation of product reviews, so it is imperative to be very careful when incentivizing feedback and ensure that you stick to Amazon's standards and terms.

Never provide any kind of payment, including discounts, freebies, or other benefits in exchange for a review. These incentives are expressly forbidden by Amazon's standards since they can produce biased reviews.

Instead, concentrate on providing great customer service that compels customers to submit favorable evaluations. Excellent customer service, premium goods, fast shipping, and proactive problem solving are all part of this.

Additionally, make it simple for customers to submit reviews by including detailed instructions. Send follow-up emails or messages to customers on a regular basis to remind them to leave reviews for your items, but avoid pressuring or rewarding them for doing so. Always keep in mind that the objective is to promote sincere, unbiased feedback that accurately represents the caliber of your offerings and your company.

Leverage Social Media 

Leverage your social media platforms to engage with your audience and encourage them to leave reviews on Amazon. Share positive reviews, create engaging content, and run campaigns to generate buzz and increase review participation.

Collaborate with Influencers 

Collaborate with influencers in your niche to promote your products and encourage their followers to leave reviews. Influencers can help amplify your reach, build credibility, and generate authentic reviews.

Utilize Amazon Vine

Consider utilizing Amazon Vine, a program where trusted reviewers receive products for free in exchange for unbiased reviews. This program can help generate a substantial number of legitimate reviews for your products. 

Be aware

Amazon carefully monitors review activity, and any significant deviations can trigger concern. If your product experiences a sudden surge in reviews or attains an exceptionally high review rate, Amazon may take action by blocking future reviews or, in more severe cases, deleting the hard-earned reviews you have worked diligently to obtain.

To mitigate the risks associated with sudden review growth, it is advisable to adopt a long-term perspective. Rather than attempting to accumulate a large number of reviews all at once, it is prudent to prioritize steady and organic growth over time. This approach not only helps maintain the authenticity of your product's reviews but also establishes a solid foundation for sustained success.

In conclusion

By optimizing strategically timing review requests, incentivizing feedback, leveraging automated email sequences, engaging with customers, utilizing social media, collaborating with influencers, exploring Amazon Vine and third-party review platforms, monitoring and managing reviews, utilizing review request tools, and tracking success metrics, sellers can unlock the true potential of customer reviews on Amazon.

However, amidst all the tactics and techniques, it's essential to remember the core principle of providing exceptional customer experiences. Going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction will naturally encourage organic reviews and create a strong foundation of trust and loyalty.

As we move forward, adaptability and staying abreast of Amazon's policies remain paramount. Continuously monitor and refine your review generation strategies, always keeping the customer at the center of your efforts. 

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