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Winners of the 2021 Amazon Ad Partner Innovation Award

Nozzle have been named the winners of the first ever Amazon Ad Partners Award for Innovation - read more about our success.

Laura North

Last updated:
January 19, 2022

We're award winners!

A few weeks ago, we announced that we were named as one of three finalists in the inaugural Amazon Ad Partner Awards for the 'Innovation' Award.

Now, we're thrilled to tell you all that we have won the Innovation Award for 2021!

These awards honor the agencies and tool providers for the bold work they achieved in the UK over this past year, and our work with Buddy and Lola - the values-led pet brand, really demonstrated how we're constantly innovating to scale up our clients' Amazon sales.

We used unique insights like retention rates, profit per customer (customer lifetime value), and customer acquisition cost analysis to help grow sales by over 155%!

Our Commercial Director, Dan Durling, has this to say about our win:

This is a significant milestone for Nozzle and proof that through a combination of our customer analytics software and our Nozzle adVantage growth team we can do great things for our customers.

To find out more about the award, head over to Amazon's dedicated awards page.

Again, a massive thank you to our adVantage team, Dan, Dena, MauroShanil & Cam

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Watch this space for our upcoming video case study, as well as an exclusive interview with Amazon. 

If you want some of this innovation magic for your own Amazon brand, you can schedule a call with our adVantage team here.

Not sure where to start? Try our self-serve Amazon analytics tool free for 14 days to see the power of unlocking these metrics for yourself. 

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